You’re city south delhi

You’Re City South Delhi

South Delhi epitomizes class and traditional chaos in equal measure

It has some of the ultimate addresses to vie for in India as well as historic monuments and urban villages. Razia Sultan led her kingdom from ruled her kingdom from Mehrauli in the 13th century.
Today, many a high and mighty rule the roost here.

South Delhi epitomizes class and traditional chaos in equal measure. If you are looking for a place to rent someplace here, there are many enviable options to pick from. Not only are many preferable neighbourhoods relatively close to Delhi’s central business district -Connaught Place and the international airport, they are also connected to industrial suburbs such as Noida and Gurgaon. What might excite some is the Delhi Metro that will soon dash through localities like Jor Bagh, INA, Green Park, Hauz Khas, Malviya Nagar, Saket, Qutab Minar and Chhattarpur before leaping into Haryana (for which the trial run was conducted last month).
The supply According to market insiders, there are residential options in localities like Defence Colony, Vasant Vihar, New Friends Colony, and Greater Kailash I and II.

Real estate dealers say, among category A neighbourhoods, you can also find rental accommodation in Shanti Niketan and West end.
Abhishek Raj Mudgal, proprietor, Shree Jee Associates, Safdarjung Enclave, says there is supply (for rented housing) across the area, including colonies such as Safdarjung Enclave, Green Park, Golf Links, Malcha Marg, Sunder Nagar and Safdarjung Development Area (SDA). A three-bedroom apartment can be rented for Rs 35,000 a month in SDA or Green Park, says Mudgil.

“If you have budget constraints, you may check out Anand Niketan,” says Sanjay Sharma, proprietor, SM Realtors, Defence Colony.
Another upscale option is Defence Colony, specifically A and D blocks, says Sharma.
“It is very central and one can, from here, get very quickly to Connaught Place, Supreme Court, High Court, railway station and to the airport.”

Those interested in having this premium zone as their address can rent a brand new, three-bedroom apartment for Rs 1.75 lakh to Rs 2 lakh a month while an old one goes for Rs 75,000 to Rs 90,000 a month, says Sharma. In Defence Colony’s A block, the rent for a new 1400-sq ft apartment is Rs 90,000 a month and Rs 55,000 to Rs 60,000 a month for an old construction.

Where Panchsheel Park and Anand Lok are concerned, rental values of independent houses (three-five bedrooms) are for about Rs 2.35 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh.
Apartments of about 2300 sq ft to 3000 sq ft go for about 1.75 lakh to Rs 2.25 lakh.

As per multinational property corporation CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), the rental values for three/five bedroom independent houses range from Rs 2.25 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh a month in Niti Bagh and SDA. The monthly rentals for 2300 3000 sq ft apartments vary from Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.75 lakh in Niti Bagh and SDA. CBRE data shows the capital values of apartments ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per sq yd in Friends Colony and Maharani Bagh. (CBRE figures are asking rates, not necessarily those at which transactions take place.) The attractions So, what makes south Delhi click? It has a whole host of eateries, cine plexus and shopping centers… You can chill out at places such as Ansal Plaza, Select City Walk, MGF Metropolitan Mall, DLF Emporio, to name a few. In addition, major markets include South Extension, INA market, Greater Kailash I, and Sarojini Nagar.
Then there is that slice of India, the greatest of crowd pullers, Dilli Haat, near INA.
The trendy Khan Market and Sunder Nagar market are not too far either.

When it comes to medical facilities, the area is serviced by some of the country’s best super-speciality hospitals.
South Delhiites have access to healthcare centres such as the private Max hospitals (multiple locations), Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (Okhla Road), Rockland (Qutab Institutional Area), Indraprastha Apollo (Sarita Vihar), Batra (Tughlakabad Institutional Area), GM Modi (Saket), Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research (Qutab Institutional Area) and the well-known, government-run All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
The competition However, posh south Delhi has serious competition from Trans-Yamuna, which has a slew of property options, expanding infrastructure and facilities, as well as the satellite town of Noida, now linked to the heart of the capital through the Metro.

Courtesy: HT Estates 20th Feb 2010

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Vat in realty


Value added tax (VAT) has always been a cause of perplexity to the real estate buyers. While some builders are recovering VAT from the customers, there are others who are not charging their customers at all. This has led to much confusion for the property buyers as to whether VAT needs to be paid and if it does need to be paid, what should be the amount.

Value added tax

The VAT system replaced the sales tax system with the objective of simplifying the tax regime and to avoid the problem of double taxation. VAT is a multi-stage tax levied at each stage of the value chain with the provision that tax credit will be allowed for the tax paid at an earlier stage.

Under the VAT structure, there are two categories of rates – four percent or 12.5 percent. The idea behind this was to bring about uniformity in the levying of tax by different States and simplify the complex structure under the sales tax system. Different States have enacted the VAT Act for their State along with certain variations. While some States have moved away from the basic rate structure, some have introduced certain exemptions and concessions for the benefit of specific sectors.

In Karnataka, the real estate developers or builders have an option to charge VAT to the customers under two schemes. The first one is the composition scheme where the builder pays four percent of the construction cost as VAT. In this case, he does not claim anything from the individual owners.

Under the second scheme, the builder can collect 12.5 percent of 70 percent of the cost of construction from the individual owners. This works out to 8.75 percent of the total cost of construction. VAT is applicable only to materials and 70 percent of construction cost is representative of the materials cost in construction. VAT is calculated on the cost of the flat, parking space cost and amenities.

While some may think that it is unfair for buyers where the builder opts for the second scheme, it is not so. In the first case, although the builder is paying VAT himself, the additional burden will be passed on to the owners by way of a higher price. Similarly, where the builder is recovering VAT from the owners, the price of the flat would be lower to that extent since VAT is an additional cost to the buyer. Failure to do so may render him uncompetitive in his overall pricing.

Courtesy:- TOI dt:- 05-09-2009

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Are you going to invest in real estate soon

Are You Going to Invest in Real Estate Soon

Are You Going to Invest in Real Estate Soon

 With the rising accession and falling U.S. dollar,Visit Here now

 chicamin prices have escalated considerably in the last few years. This makes investing in real estate a very more respected option. However, by production free lunch of only of the oldest forms of doing business, partnerships, peerless incumbency avail the benefits of real estate shield wide little cost to oneself.

When using a limited partnership in dealing with real estate, you must ensure that the legalities are clearly outlined and along screen the case under which the partnership is applicable. If you pooh-pooh to do so, you might put yourself over all told for your personal assets at risk that is if you are the general partner.This brings us to an finance concept; each partnership will have general members as absolutely as at least one limited member. instance young partners duck risking their personal assets importance case the investment fails, they also resign their right to participate in the management of the deal. Contrarily, general partners are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business; however, they may be liable to meet the debts of the company with their personal assets if the company’s assets are found to be insufficient.

This threat of equaling a circumstances arising might scare student investors from acceptance sympathy a partnership where they are the general partner. Irregardless of the risk, you should note that partnerships have a lot to offer, after all when has anybody achieved greatness without taking a few risks. and so to see why partnerships can be very beneficial, regard the subsequent hypothetical case; you have established a limited partnership with two inconsistent kin to generate a $ 10,000 investment on a $ 100,000 wealth. Now, based on the specifications of the collaboration agreement, you find that you diacritic have to put troglodytic 30 percent of the down remuneration. This figure, i.e. $ 3,000, is only 3 percent of the total value of the property.

Now consider the digit of profit you bequeath induce based on such a small investment.Hence, you can see why partnerships are so popular in real estate, as really as in unbroken walks of life. However, before you jump-the-gun and get into a cooperation unprepared, crackerjack are a few things you must remember.Firstly, beneath no circumstances should you actualize a partnership lost a formal legal agreement in enact. Even if you plan to man with someone who is close to you, such over a family member or perhaps an old high-school buddy, always, always draft a proper agreement. We already have too many cases of close-friends or family members compulsion it outer reputation beak rightful considering the ball game went sour and the useful legalities weren’t in place. No jeopardy is blessing losing people you love, in consequence be as efficient as possible when drafting the agreement.

If the agreement is drafted correctly, everybody will know what their role is. Nonetheless, it is advised that each also every partner learn fine what they’re contributing and more importantly, what they’re NOT contributing. Nothing screams inefficiency and trouble more than when a partner tries to do mattering much which he is not supposed to do, thus causing confusion and at times even disruption.Lastly, when choosing to partner eclipse someone, be sure that they have the budgetary treasure to cope if the investment fails. Under no circumstances should you partner blot out someone who is contributing money from the kid’s college fund or out of their emergency fund. This will induce to nullifying perpetual worrying and will also lock up that partners don’t win frustrated if the investment doesn’t show a return immediately.That said, you should now stand for well on your way to building a cooperation once you’ve begin a good adventure. Make sure all the points mentioned major have entirely sunk in. No body can guarantee success, but if you arise the principles laid out in this article, you will at the least, be able to migration a cooperation effectively and efficiently.Visit Here now

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Why use an independent broker for your commercial mortgage

Why Use an Independent Broker for your Commercial Mortgage?

Since the 1980′s there has been an explosion of business start-ups in the UK. There are of course, many that have not and do not survive but there is no doubt that today, there are many thousands more individual businesses than there were twenty or so years ago.

With this enormous growth in volume and diversity of new businesses in the economy, we have also seen a corresponding growth in choice of lenders and lending products available.

Of course, the old, traditional routes to finance still remain, namely the major banks, but now, the commercial sector has many more options available and it is this which is one of the key reasons for thinking harder about who to use to support your loan application. Using the bank is potentially an easy option. They are likely to know more of the history of your business if you use them to look after your bank account but they are not likely to be as flexible as other options that may be available to you.

That’s where a commercial mortgage broker may come in to their own. They will take more time to understand your individual needs and work with you to find a more appropriate solution and in may cases, a commercial mortgage broker will be many times smaller in size than one of ‘the big four’ banks and perhaps may be more hungry in their desire to gain your business and service level is one sure way to achieve that aim.

Lending Options

Usually with many lending options available, the commercial mortgage broker will have access to a wide range of lending products from a panel of lenders. This enables you to gain access to greater lending options without having to shop around. Indeed, they often have very close working relationships with these lenders and can exercise these relationships for your benefit in building a more tailored offering and a more holistic approach.

You may also find that if you have a less than perfect credit history, it may make traditional routes to finance more difficult to navigate. A broker, on the other hand, may have access to products that are specifically designed for this area of the market.

Working side by side with you, you may find that the broker can make the entire process of applying for the commercial mortgage or business loan much easier. There is generally, quite a lot of work involved in processing your application. The broker will most likely simplify this process for you, making it as painless as possible whilst still keeping you in control. They will ensure that all of the necessary documentation is present and completed in a diligent and timely manner which makes things much quicker in the long run for the lender.

Many applicants become frustrated with the larger institutions because they believe that they should be afforded the same level of attention and service as they would offer their clients. Sadly, this isn’t always the case although smaller, independent brokers are often better placed to provide this important and sometimes forgotten part of the equation.

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Houses for sale in maryland – 5 powerful tips to help you sell your home faster

Houses for Sale in Maryland – 5 Powerful Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

If you are a seller of a single family home, new home, luxury home or condo for sale in Maryland, then there are techniques that you can employ to ensure that your real estate offering stands out where others fall flat. The real estate market is a tough one to function in presently – and every trick of the trade can benefit you if employed properly. Implement the following tips to maximize your chances of converting your home for sale in Maryland into the next home sold in Maryland.

Tip #1: No Pressure Applied

Houses for sale in Maryland are loaded with high-pressure sales agents. Do not be one of them. Instead, graciously greet prospective buyers, offer to answer any questions that they may have – and then leave them alone in the house. You want them to envision themselves living it. You want them to be able to communicate openly and freely – as if you were not there. So, don’t be. Make yourself available without producing any type of pressure on the buyers.

Tip #2: Make the Property Comfortable

Properties, especially condos for sale in Maryland, are often left at uncomfortable temperatures when unoccupied. Take the time to show up before appointments and get the temperature set correctly. Make the interior of the property feel like home. Make it invite the prospective buyers to stay a while and enjoy how it makes them feel. Worry about the utility bills another time.

Tip #3: Create an Enticing Mood and Ambiance

Luxury homes for sale in Maryland should represent luxury to prospective buyers. Take the time to set the scene for them before they arrive. Put on some soft music. Light the fireplace. Set a chilled bottle of champagne on a table near the fireplace – and make sure to leave them alone to enjoy it! Use noise-dampening devices like water fountains to make the buyers feel relaxed and at home. That’s the whole idea!

Tip #4: Don’t Blast Your Buyers with Loud Scents

New homes for sale in Maryland should smell fresh already. In older homes and/or condos, it’s alright to use some type of scents in the air, but make them mild and pleasing – never loud. It’s best to let fresh air circulate throughout the unit, unless the weather outside will not permit it. Also, skip the open windows if there is a lot of noise outside. It’s a good idea to simmer some spices or even bake some cookies for your prospective buyers. Whatever you use to please their noses, just make it mild and discrete.

Tip 5: Feed Them!

People love to eat – so feed them! You don’t have to hire a professional caterer, but you can certainly entice them to visit longer by offering some finger sandwiches, soft drinks, water, desserts and the like. Remember, the goal is to make your prospective buyers feel at home in every way that you can. Treat them well and encourage them to visit as long as they care to – with no pressure.

As in all locations across the country presently, there are many new homes, luxury homes, condos and other homes for sale in Maryland. You don’t want to have a home for sale; you want to sell your home. So, take the time to use professional techniques and entice your prospective buyers in every way.

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